Dear Friends,

Would you share your 5-10 minute testimony of how Jesus changed your life, with job seekers at Career-Confidence events? Or would you like free guidance, coaching, or encouragement in developing your Christian story? Thank you for being a part of this powerful ministry. I recognize you have many priorities, and value your time very much. If you received this in error, please let me know, and accept my apologies.

Our training slides are posted to our website, offering guidance and encouragement.

Sharing Your Christian Story ChristCentered.Today (DRAFT)

And I welcome feedback!

Additional information:, and videos of other testimonies:

I’m happy to meet with you via Zoom or a phone call if you have other questions or concerns! Or if you’d like a rehearsal or warm-up. My goal is your support.

If you know of others who may be available, please pass them my contact information.

A few quick thoughts about presenting your story, if (if) you would like:

Our cautions that we extend to all our speakers are to 1) rehearse to keep it to 10 minutes, 2) not get overly graphic with details/respect audience sensitivities, 3) ensure to give Jesus the credit!
If you receive the facilitator’s contact information, would you reach out to him/her with an introduction? (FYI, the other volunteers may or may not be Christians).

If (if) you would like to help the MC to transition from the event speaker to you, if (if) his/her introduction has been abrupt, you might consider adding an introduction to yourself… e.g., “Career Confidence does have a Christian Component, so I hope to offer my 5-10 minute story of how Jesus has changed my life…” and/or “I hope to share with you what happened to me, and what Christ can do for you…” and/or “in your job search, you may have experienced uncertainty, frustration, and disappointment, and while my story isn’t [or is it?] about the job search, you’ll see how I experienced those feelings, and how I later experienced comfort and joy through difficulty…” and/or “You may have things from your personal life that impacts your career, and I hope to share how Jesus has helped me in life; Jesus doesn’t always deliver me from challenges, but He delivers me through challenges…”

You may OR may not want to share your contact information (or, LinkedIn profile for less intrusive contact/messages from attendees).

Following your story, you might (might) help the MC transition to the Q&A period with you… e.g., “thank you for your attention, I hope that you have found my story interesting, and I can stay on, if you have any questions, comments, or find relevance in what I’ve said?”

As further information:

We’re in support of This organization conducts meetings for job search and career education for free. Organized by a recruiter, there are also expert speakers who come in, like recruiters and HR practitioners, for pointed seminars or for question/answer periods. They leverage for sign-ups… and have several sites, like to include a Federal job search component Complete listing at


We have several videos discussing what we do, as well as videos of testimonies that others have given (if you’d like some examples)., Laura Hamilton and Robert Brandau both long-time recruiters give you an overview.

Doris McMillon of our Board of Directors

Bruce, Silvia, and Mary Beth talk about the impact of on their job search.

Kim DeWitt Succinctly Talks about our Team

Cecilia and Nate – 2 of our Alumni give an overview of perspective.

Sara’s Experience with – Surprise Ending – Pre-Covid

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