Our Own Worst Enemy

While being “Christ-Centered.Today” is always important, often we get so focused on distractions, that we fail to take seriously our Christian responsibility. Without realizing it, we are forfeiting the pleasure of watching Jesus change someone’s life.

It all started with Jesus changing our individual lives.

First, timidity prevents us from seeing God at work in other people’s lives.

Stepping out into the unknown is always scary. However, know that God already knows the unknown and has something wonderful planned for us.

Telling people about what Jesus has done in our lives is much like a 6-year old on Christmas morning. The 6-year old is so excited about what their parents have wrapped and given to him/her prior to opening the present. Yes, they do not know what it is. Yet, they know it is wonderful.

For us when we tell others about what Jesus has done in our life, we don’t know how God will use it. Yet, we know that He will use it and it will be wonderful for us to experience.

Second, failure to focus on relevant details and wander in our musings does not honor God.

Human beings often talk. And talk. And talk. Some details are extremely relevant and others are just extraneous details. As we practice our stories of how Jesus changed our life, we learn which details are most relevant and which details are not. This process better helps us understand God’s working in our own lives and it also helps us succinctly tell others about Jesus.

As we practice our stories, we end up praising Jesus for things we overlooked.

Third, passivity is contagious.

If we get used to not acknowledging what Jesus has done in our lives, we run the risk of Jesus not acknowledging us. There are groups of Christians so focused on “being Christians” that they deliberately do not tell others about Jesus. They become so comfortable with their organization, their Bible study groups, their church, and their lives that they fail to engage others outside of their community with the love of Jesus.

We want to share the excitement, the peace and the joy found in Jesus!

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