Our Purpose

Our purpose is to facilitate followers of Jesus in telling their story of how Jesus changed their life concisely and powerfully.

We want all of us to effectively communicate the joy and peace found in our personal relationships with Christ.

This started out as a support to Career-Confidence.org. www.career-confidence.org. However the impact will be felt all around our community, nation, and world.

There are three things to remember.

When we share our stories we are pointing people to a relationship with Jesus and not a religion.

It is Jesus whom we worship not our religious activities. Jesus himself died on the cross for our sins. Neither our church, nor our denomination, nor our pastor paid the debt of our sins.

Our stories are personal and meaningful to us and to our friends.

Jesus changes us from the inside out. He positively impacts the core of our being. Yes, knowing the Bible is important because it points us to Jesus. The Bible helps us know accurately about Jesus. However, knowing Jesus personally is our goal. All of our live should be focused on that.

Our stories are part of our worship.

When we tell our stories, there is always an element of praising Jesus for who He is and what He has done. When we talk about Jesus we are simply talking about why we are so thrilled to know Him. There should be enthusiasm, excitement and at times laughter. We praise Jesus by telling others what He has done in our lives. If people choose to commit their lives to Jesus after hearing our stories, that is wonderful but not the primary purpose.

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